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Hiking - Backpack Bundle
  • Hiking - Backpack Bundle
  • Hiking - Backpack Bundle
  • Hiking - Backpack Bundle
  • Hiking - Backpack Bundle
  • Hiking - Backpack Bundle
  • Hiking - Backpack Bundle

Hiking - Backpack Bundle

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This bundle turns your KHONI backpack into your hiking backpack. We combine the backpack with all three Sidepanles as well as the Pouch S and M. Since we don't need a laptop or tablet in nature, we decide not to pack a Backpanel and safe as much weight as possible.

Absolute top quality, made from recycled materials.

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This pack contains

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The backpack that adapts to your life. Thanks to the modular interior of the KHONI backpack, you can decide for yourself how much organization and which pockets you want in your backpack and what you need for your next adventure. Choose from 9 modules with laptop pockets, mesh pockets, zip pockets, compression pockets and more.

With this pre-selection of modules, the KHONI backpack becomes your hiking companion. We do without the Backpanel here to save weight and because we don't want to take a laptop or tablet with us when hiking. For the hiking bundle we take the Sidepanels „Grid“, „Orga“ and „Tasche“ with us to organize our equipment. There is also the Pouch S and M to have a change of clothes and a first aid kit with you. This combination offers enough organization and still leaves plenty of empty room in the backpack for larger things. The backpack weighs only 1150g without modules and is therefore very light but extremely robust. With the modules of this combo, the backpack weighs a total of 1907g.

With its classic and elegant design, the KHONI backpack rounds off every outfit. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and padding with anti-sweat spacer fabric, the backpack can be carried comfortably all day long. Whether as a daypack, on a city trip, commuting to work or on your hike.

The large outer pockets are ideal for all equipment that needs to be quickly accessible. The side pockets are big enough to stow a whole 0.5L water bottle and still be able to close the pockets. The upper front pocket is fleeced to keep sunglasses or other scratchable items quickly accessible and safe. There are LOOPs above the large side pockets to securely attach longer items. When travelling, the bag offers a push-through over the entire back so that the backpack can be attached securely and upright to your travel trolley.

Our logo patch is removable so you can replace it with something reflective, an LED patch or your own, for more safety on the bike or to customize your backpack.

The KHONI backpack is handmade from recycled nylon fabric and colored accents made from vegan leather. Water-resistant materials keep your things dry even in the weather.

Data sheet

-recycled nylon fabric
-vegan leather
-water-resistant fabric
-water-resistant zippers
-25L total capacity, 20L main compartment capacity
-classic Swiss Design
-ergonomic shoulderstraps
-full opening front
-modular interior

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